Noveske CQB 10.5″ Barrel Stainless Steel w/ Pinned Low Pro Gas Block – 07000048


Noveske CQB 10.5″ Barrel in 5.56 with a 1 in 7 twist, Pinned Low Profile Gas Block, 1/2×28 thread pitch, and bead blasted finish. The barrel also has extended feed ramps and a medium contour.

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Noveske CQB 10.5″ Barrel 5.56

5.56mm Lo-Pro Gas Block Barrel

Stainless Barrel -556

  • 1 in 7″ twist improved polygonal rifling with 556 Noveske Match Chamber
  • Extended feed ramps
  • Bead blasted finish
  • Gas tube
  • Pinned Low Profile Gas Block, .750
  • 1/2×28 threads–aside from the 20″
  • Medium Contour

Noveske Rifleworks was founded by John Noveske in 2001. Noveske is most known for producing military and competition grade rifle barrels. The company sells such products as the KX3 muzzle brake, KX5 muzzle brake, the NSR rail system, and the Switchblock gas block system. The Noveske Rifleworks operations is located at Grants Pass, Oregon.

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