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Barrel Bore Diameter: .30, Twist Rate: 1 in 9, Barrel Length: 25″, Muzzle Length: 2″

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The ultimate in light and accurate replacement barrels. Order your Custom CarbonSix Sendero Barrel Blanks. Featuring McGowen Precision Rifle Barrel blanks, carbonsix barrels are feather-light and extremely accurate.

How accurate are they?

As with any rifle barrel, lots of factors come into play.  The two most critical are load development and the shooter.  With proper load development, CarbonSix barrels will easily shoot 1/2 MOA.  While we cannot control the other factor, these barrels are extremely accurate.

Need a Barrel Weight Estimate?

Please call or email for estimated barrel weights. We offer a wide range of options that can affect the barrel’s weight. It is more effective to estimate this knowing your individual barrel’s specs.

  • We avoid making outlandish claims, but what we do make is highly accurate, precision barrels with a 1/2 MOA Guarantee that we stand behind.
  • All the barrels made at Carbon Six are made-to-order and hand crafted in the USA.
  • We offer your choice of length, twist rate, chambering, threading and more. You get the barrel you want delivered to you in a reasonably fast time.

Got questions? We would love to talk with you. A real human giving real customer service.  Give us a call at 844-883-9493.

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