Noveske firearms and parts are known for their high quality and reliablity.

Wheather you are building your own rifle or looking for a complete rifle or AR pistol, Noveske is a name you can purchase with complete confidence.

Noveske offers wide variety of rifles, pistols, PDW’s Upper and Lower receivers.

The Noveske Switchblock is a light weight, simple and durable gas block designed to regulate the increased flow of gas caused by use of a sound suppressor.

The Switchblock is adjusted by rotating selector drum, which is locked in position during operation.

It is designed as a stress free & reliable feature which is easily understood & used by shooters in adverse conditions.

If the selector drum must be rotated while it is too hot to operate by hand, a cartridge tip or most other pointed tools can be used to positively rotate the selector drum by means of a small dimple in the selector drum locking tab.

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