LWRC is a high performance rifle brand delivering custom features and innovation not available with most “out of the box” production models. When you purchase LWRC you are STEPPING UP to high-performance.

LWRC core mission is focused on the relentless pursuit of high-performance firearms; to deliver absolute reliability, consistent accuracy and extreme durability for the warfighter, law enforcement officer and civilian shooter.

Using innovative design, disciplined engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and materials technologies— LWRC products offers the most advanced, the most reliable, durable and best handling rifles and carbines in the world.

Investing heavily in engineering, the latest advancements in manufacturing processes, research focused on cutting-edge technology, tactics and end-user expectations allows LWRC to clearly provide a superior version of the original, ground-breaking Stoner design.

The application of modern materials science, creative engineering and advanced manufacturing processes results in a rifle with greater reliability, increased longevity and improved ergonomics.

The foundation for every LWRC rifle is our patented, self-regulating, short-stroke piston system.

As with all piston rifles the venting of hot gases into the receiver and bolt carrier group are eliminated, improving performance and eliminating the cleaning regime associated with direct impingement rifles.

The LWRC system was the “game-changer” that raised the bar of performance in the industry with improved reliability and ease of maintenance making our short-stroke piston system the envy of the industry.

The components used in our piston system are machined from the superalloy family of steel alloys—used exclusively in aerospace manufacturing where components are subjected to extreme conditions.

Because superalloys withstand extremely high temperatures without losing their strength or becoming fatigued—they’re an ideal choice for our advanced piston system.

Quality is not just a concept at LWRC, it’s our commitment. You’ll feel it the first time you pick up and shoulder an LWRC firearm.

Form, fit and function built for you. High performance—personified.

Unlike most AR brands, outsourcing is not an option.

LWRC manufactures its own cold hammer-forged barrels to ensure the same high standards as our guns with a quality we can confidently stand behind.

Each barrel is manufactured out of 41V45 steel alloy treated with NiCorr™ surface conversion technology.

The cold hammer forging process compacts a gundrilled barrel blank over a mandrel using pressure rotary hammers.

This forms a perfect rifling devoid of tool marks, stronger and denser than any other process.

LWRC barrels stand up better to extreme use than standard barrels without degradation of accuracy or loss of velocity.

Our NiCorr™ surface conversion is permanently lubricious, harder wearing, more heat and corrosion resistant than hard chrome barrel surfaces.

Every detail counts. LWRC uses a patented nickel-alloy coating on all of our bolt carriers, barrel extensions, hammers and triggers to provide superior protection from the elements.

These coatings create a greaseless, permanently lubricious surface that’s harder than the substrate itself and unlike chrome, conventional coatings and applied lubricants, it never rubs off, thins out or builds up residue.


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