Knight’s Armament (KAC) is a sole proprietorship, producing rifles (including the M110), suppressors, weapon accessories, and night vision scopes.

Since the 1970’s, this veteran-owned small business performs the majority of R&D and production efforts within the boundaries of the KAC facility in order to provide the best control of product quality and required delivery schedules.

Among its more than 300 employees, KAC boasts an experienced engineering staff, well-equipped for research in all aspects of small arms and advanced electro-optic technology.

The Knights Armament facility is located on the site of a former Tomahawk missile factory.

The site features numerous test cells, ranges, and explosive storage areas which provide the opportunity for unique business opportunities.

A total of five firing ranges for small arms, from short function testing ranges to the 1,000 meter range, are used in the development and product qualification of small arms systems.

Both indoor and outdoor ranges facilitate testing during rare cases of inclement weather. KAC also maintains an anechoic test cell used in the study of acoustic signatures of weapon systems.

Knight’s Armament (KAC) has maintained ISO:9001-2015 system registration and certification.

Following the guidelines of ISO 9001:2015, all failure analysis, whether in the field or in-house originates in the Quality Assurance department where extensive measuring and testing equipment is available to determine the cause.

Knight’s Armament takes special care to provide the utmost care and attention in producing firearms and accessories for our nation’s protectors.

Thousand of our nation’s troops, law enforcement officers, and everyday citizens experience the renowned reputation of these weapon systems and can attest to their quality.


Knights Armament

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