HSM began business in 1968 when Bill Campbell first commercially produced ammunition.

He had been loading for personal use and friends for many years prior to the beginning of this venture.

That same year we incorporated and HSM was in business.

The name originated from the appearance of the building as it resembled a shack.

As HSM grew, many law enforcement officials were recognizing our products to be some of the best available.

Word of mouth spread very quickly throughout the law enforcement community about The Hunting Shack, Inc. products and services.

As success continued in the law enforcement market with our practice and duty ammunition we began a rapid expansion into the commercial market with our Cowboy Action®, Self Defense, and Match ammunition, things were rolling along for The Hunting Shack, Inc.

On September 18th, 1987 we experienced a fire that consumed, the home of HSM, in East Missoula, Montana. It was a total loss.

In an effort to rebuild the business, Bill Campbell and his family moved it to their home to Stevensville, Montana providing The Hunting Shack, Inc. with a new “shack” and begin picking up the pieces and starting all over again.

As the ammunition business steadily grew through the ’90s, we expanded and outgrew our facilities.

With the construction of the new secure facility finished, in December 1999, we moved into our current location.

In an effort to make sure a fire could never happen again, The Hunting Shack, Inc. worked closely with Montana State officials and the local Fire Department to construct our new home not only for the safety of our employees but safe for the surrounding community.

The new facility has grown to a total of 40,000 sq. ft. of space that is used for our production process and sits on an 18 acres compound.

HSM currently services some of the largest retailers, distributors, and law enforcement needs in the nation with ammunition and components.


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