Dead Air Silencers is all about bringing the best materials, the best designers, and the best manufacturing techniques to the suppressors market.

Look at any Dead Air Silencers product and you’ll see attention to detail and aesthetic choices driven solely by engineering performance. No gimmicks or short cuts, just pure performance. As Mike puts it: “I’m finally building the no compromise suppressors that I’ve always wanted to make. No corporate bottom lines. The only thing that matters to me is how it sounds; And the Sandman sounds awesome”.

Design and materials are part of the equation, but there is no substitute for thirty years of manufacturing excellence.

Every Dead Air suppressor is manufactured in Georgia by highly trained Americans intent on manufacturing the best suppressor on the market. Our standards are simple, “good isn’t good enough” and if a product comes off the line not up to par, then the can gets canned. It’s that simple.

Dead Air

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