Cloud Defensive produces a wide variety of weapon lights designed for any application.

Cloud Defensive offers the REIN,  the most powerful and most durable complete weapon light system on the market.

Featuring a field serviceable lens, a field-serviceable tail cap and electrically isolated dual-switching for redundancy.

It works with all existing light mounts, and it has the world’s first 3rd generation Light Control System (LCS) including a proprietary remote switch with tail-cap integration, oriented precisely for weapon-mounted use. REIN is redefining what a weapon light should be.

Your weapon light needs to be built around your gun and around your needs, not the other way around.

No more retro-fitting traditional lights to your gun. Bottom line: You should succeed because of your weapon light. Not in spite of it.

Cloud Defensive offers the COR handguard. Your switching has never been integral to your rail system, until now.

The days of your switches being forced to work around your hand guard are over. COR puts your light/laser activation first by recessing the switching into the rail and optimizing your ergonomics in the process.

Cloud Defensive offers the LCS offers a hard mount option for mounting the light activation pad. No more rubber bands or zip ties, wire, velcro or duct tape.

No more makeshift attachment methods that annoy you and fail you and no more compromising with the light activation your life depends on.

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